Middelkoop got goosebumps from the Orange crowd and No. 1 Koolhof

Middelkoop got goosebumps from the Orange crowd and No. 1 Koolhof

Matoi Middelkoop will be hoping he can have the best year of his career in the Davis Cup Finals with a fitting finish. Together with Wesley Koolhoff, the new world number one in doubles, he will hope to help the Dutch team in Malaga reach the decisive points.

Goosebumps climbed onto his arms when he took on tennis player Andy Murray and partner Joe Salisbury in Glasgow in mid-September. In a packed arena, filled with frantic fans, 39-year-old Middelkoop played his best tennis.

“I’m a real showrunner and I like to shout at the crowd. That’s when I’m freed. Really, playing in front of a full stadium and with fans who support you unconditionally, it’s like nothing else. Secretly I think it’s still sometimes we go back to it,” he says. middlecube.

“This year I won the ABN AMRO Championship and was a semi-finalist at a major tournament. But when I think of 2022, the Davis Cup in Glasgow comes to mind. The Davis Cup is unique and you want the best edition out there. Show yourself. Show your special powers. If you don’t feel like it normally, you’re only hurting yourself, but in the Davis Cup, you’re playing for your country.”

“We started together in doubles and I remember very well that at first we had to share hotel rooms because we ran out of euros. With our first title we won $220 and look where we are. Now we’re making millions. I also sent him a nice message after reaching “This achievement, which really took me a while. It wasn’t surprising to me, because Wesley has something special. He has ‘special eyes’ and just sees how everyone stands and can think a few steps forward like no other.”

Middelkoop, along with his old doubles partner, will be hoping he will be immediately valuable against Australia on Tuesday. “It’s a unique position that we’re all in together and the quarter-finals don’t come too far. I see this as a really serious opportunity. Because if we can take on the USA, England and Kazakhstan, then we can beat any team that defeats.”


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