Microsoft officially ends support for Microsoft Edge Legacy | iThome

Microsoft officially ends support for Microsoft Edge Legacy |  iThome

Microsoft officially ended support for Microsoft Edge Legacy on March 9, and representatives will not provide security updates for the product. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also started offering a pop-up reminder on Microsoft Edge Legacy, asking users to download the new Microsoft Edge using the Chromium Project. In addition, even if the user insists not to update, Microsoft will force the replacement of Microsoft Edge Legacy through the Windows 10 Cumulative Security Update on Tuesday, April 13 this year.

Microsoft Edge originally used the EdgeHTML browser engine built by Microsoft. However, Microsoft switched to adopting the Chromium project developed by Google in December 2018. Now Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, and the user that uses EdgeHTML is called Microsoft Edge Legacy.

End of support for Microsoft Edge Legacy means Microsoft’s package Tuesday (3/9) will be the last security update opportunity for Microsoft Edge Legacy, and vulnerability CVE-2021-26411 that Microsoft patched this week at the same time. Includes IE 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy, and has been exploited by hackers, users who continue to use IE 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy should remember to fix it.

Going forward, Microsoft will add a notification message to the Microsoft Edge Legacy window to remind users that this version can no longer receive security updates, and to invite users to download the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Legacy users can choose to ignore the message frequently, or turn it off using the added Group Policy “Prevent Display Edge Neglect Notice” option. However, the message is only a temporary fix, as Microsoft will do so directly delete Microsoft Edge Legacy until the April 13th Patch and replace it with the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge.

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Assuming the user has already installed the new version of Microsoft Edge, when the security update Patch is published Tuesday April 13th, Microsoft will not reinstall Microsoft Edge, but will still remove Microsoft Edge Legacy from the system.

So far, the outside world has received good reviews about Microsoft Edge’s Chromium release. Users shouldn’t have to struggle too much. Microsoft hasn’t announced how many users are still stuck in Microsoft Edge Legacy. Additionally, due to several other programs still based on EdgeHTML, Microsoft will continue to support the engine.

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