Michelle Voss and his wife lived apart for several months

Michelle Voss and his wife lived apart for several months

in the last beautiful world Michel, who has been living in the Netherlands for a year without his wife Alexandra, tells us that not seeing each other for a while is “very exciting”.

They have celebrated the holidays together, yet they have been separated for more or less than eight months. “Alexandra perfectly understood that in the election year it would be more appropriate to be in the Netherlands, so that I could sit at the talk show tables,” the journalist explains. “If it’s not right, it will crack in about a year. He didn’t separate us. (…) And because of WhatsApp, you never separate.”

The American reporter met the love of his life in 2002, when Alexandra was in Amsterdam promoting her own documentary about George W. Bush. Michelle says, “Before that I’ve had a relationship or two, both of which weren’t very serious, but with Alexandra I immediately felt clicked. She’s very free and goes her own way, which is a very attractive thing.”

When Alexandra returned to America, they began to call each other more and more and for a longer time. A year and a half later, Michel immigrated to the United States. “I was 32, and I knew exactly what I wanted: a life with Alexandra in America.”

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