Michael Jordan on American Racism: Enough, Enough

Michael Jordan on American Racism: Enough, Enough

“I feel very sad, angry and hurt. I feel the pain and indignation of everyone,” Jordan, 57, said in a statement. “I stand behind people who want to stop deep-rooted racism against blacks.”


Jordan believes people should talk, but in an appropriate way. In recent days, many shops have been looted, police cars set on fire, and buildings destroyed. “We must continue to fight injustice in a peaceful way and take our responsibility,” said the American sports champion.

“Our vote should increase the pressure on leaders to change the rules or else we must use our right to vote for a hard change. I don’t have answers, but our collective vote shows strength; we will not let others divide us.”

Serena Williams shared a message earlier in the day from her Nike sponsor, replacing the slogan “Just Do It” with “For Once: Don’t Do It.” “We shouldn’t pretend it’s not a problem in the United States,” Williams wrote with the video.

Significantly, the Nike video has been shared by rival Adidas. Adidas commented, “Only together we can change this.”

Many other great athletes also talk about the issue. George was killed. George was not human to that cop who slowly and deliberately robbed his life, Golden State Warriors basketball player Stephen Curry wrote on social media a few days ago.

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