Michael Gove rules out immediate national shutdown ‘circuit breaker’

Michael Gove rules out immediate national shutdown 'circuit breaker'

Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove has ruled out a “ categorical ” national lockdown.

Sophie Ridge of Sky Gove was asked on Sunday whether the government will implement the patriotic measure favored by Labor leader Keir Starmer, which will see a brief two- or three-week lockdown nationwide, in an effort to curb soaring COVID-19 rates.

Mr. Goff replied, “No.”

“It would seem a mistake to try to impose the same level of restrictions on every part of the country when we know that the disease is spreading more intensely and faster in some parts of the country.”

England is currently divided into three levels of lockdown restrictions. The Northeast is in the very high Level 2 category, which allows the hospitality sector to remain open but people are not allowed to mix inside with people other than their families.

When asked whether the government can enforce the circuit breaker shutdown in the future, Mr. Gove said: “We are always looking at how the disease is spreading and will take any necessary steps to preserve public health.

“But Kate (Green, shadow education secretary) and the Labor Party are discussing sweeping restrictions across the country at the moment, and the spread and nature of the disease do not deserve that at the moment.”

If the circuit breaker shutdown is implemented next week, England will be closed during the midterm school holiday between Monday 26 October and Halloween Friday 31 October.

Kate Green said a circuit breaker for two to three weeks would give the UK time to put better domestic tracking operations in place.

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The education minister in the shadows said: “What we can really see with the local lockdowns, I mean here in Manchester, we’ve been in some kind of local lockdown since the end of July.

“Prices keep going up with the procedures we have now. They are not working, so we have to try something different.”

Ms. Green continued: “No one can guarantee what will happen in the most unpredictable and unpredictable circumstances, but we know what makes a difference, and what actions need to be taken during these two or three weeks to start pressing the rate. For the spread of the virus.

We know that contact tracing of those who have tested positive is critical to managing the virus. It will give us two or three weeks time to put in place better local trackers.

We know that rapid testing and quickly recovering results is the key to managing the spread of the virus. Two to three weeks give us time to invest and enhance our laboratory capabilities. ”

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