Mice in Holland Mall are a nuisance, but everything is new in Middendorp

Mice in Holland Mall are a nuisance, but everything is new in Middendorp

Tholen – “No, it’s just as fresh as it gets! I’ve been here for 40 years and have never seen a rat,” says Henk Midendorp, vegetable seller at Holland Mall. Jumbo supermarket in the same mall was closed last weekend by order of NVWA because of rats that passed through the store.

Henk and Jaqueline from Groentewinkel Middendorp in Fresh! , the place of expertise in the Mall of Holland

The Mall of Holland was recently converted into the largest shopping center in the Netherlands and contains three large department stores: Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Dirk van de Broek. Last Saturday, NVWA inspectors found annoying mice in Jumbo, AD reports. In July of this year, a rat was found in a salad bowl at a Greek restaurant in the mall. According to a Jumbo spokesperson, bugs are a public construction problem and are caused by air handling ducts that run through the entire mall. Therefore, jumbo will encounter insects again and again, despite the measures.

Henk Midendorp has never been bothered by this and has never been bothered by pests in his career as a greengrocer. Not subjected to (additional) examination by NVWA. Jumbo closing is not good for the mall photo. Jumbo closing will not result in more customers. His store focuses on the new experience and does not attract the supermarket crowd. The renewed concept he has been working with since 2018 is a success. “It’s going very well,” Henk says. “Now we’re diving in because of the summer fruit, but we’re going to replace that again with grapes and other products.”

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