Message the podium for Mercedes in Australia: ‘We came to benefit’

Russell pakt podium voor Mercedes in Australië: "We kwamen om te profiteren"

George Russell achieved an excellent result at the Australian Grand Prix. The Briton started from sixth, but eventually managed to take the podium position. After that, he felt very satisfied and warned the competition.

Mercedes has been able to keep pace with its field leadership in Melbourne very well. The W13 had enough speed to compete for the podiums. Lewis Hamilton managed to have a good duel with Sergio Perez and Russell was also involved in the lead. He was the one who was finally allowed to emerge on the podium, managing to stay ahead of teammate Hamilton and taking full advantage of Max Verstappen’s retirement, who withdrew from second place. After that, Russell was very happy and issued a warning to the competition.

Russell thinks Mercedes will reach the level

After the race, Russell appeared on the microphone for interviews on the podium and there indicated that Mercedes had intended to capitalize on others’ mistakes and retirements in Melbourne. “We came here to take advantage of any mistakes others make,” Russell said. “We are working hard, also in the factory, to make progress.” While Mercedes is far from the level you want it to be, Russell also sees bright spots. “This weekend we were well behind our rivals again, but look at where we are now,” he noted.

Warning from Ferrari and Red Bull

Finally, Russell has already issued a warning to rivals Red Bull and Ferrari. “We are still behind but we hope to be back in a few races,” said the talented Mercedes driver.

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