Mercedes’ controversial front wing has been banned in 2023

Controversiële voorvleugel Mercedes verboden in 2023

Remy Ramjawan

Thursday, December 8, 2022 3:14 PM – Last update: 3:30 PM

The FIA ​​has tightened technical regulations, banning the experimental front wing that the Mercedes team rode to next year’s United States Grand Prix. The decision was made at the World Motor Sport Council held on Wednesday.

The German racing stable was on the edge of what the rules allowed with the front wing design. The team provided the wing with an extra slot gap separators. The part that connects the different layers of the front wing was found to provide an aerodynamic advantage and that is no longer permitted, according to the Auto Association. Mercedes has already smelled trouble this season, because the part was not installed on the car as a precaution.

Tighten the rules

The International Motor Sport Federation has tightened the technical regulations, so that the Mercedes winger is not subject to the rules. To be precise, specify the FIA slot gap separators modified. Under the new rules, the segment may consist of up to eight spacer arches, but must form a structural connection between the different layers of the front wing. In addition, the size and distance between the fins are also recorded.

During the race weekend in the United States, Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott expressed all his doubts about the component. At the time, he noted that the FIA ​​was involved every step of the way and the Motor Federation was unsure whether the design could be given the green light.

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