Max Westermann documentary on Amazon Prime Video

Max Westermann documentary on Amazon Prime Video

Presenter Max Westerman’s documentary can be viewed recently on Amazon Prime.

“I feel a bit proud that my documentary is” my friend, the mayor, Westermann said on social media; The Trump Era Small Town Policy was picked for screening by a fourth North American film festival. “So what?” Writes the organizer of the Golden Door festival, “You are probably aware that we receive so many films every year and we only choose a fraction of the submissions.” The documentary I shot myself about my oldest American friend Sean Strobe A left-wing Democrat, openly gay and an AIDS patient for 35 years. He’s campaigning for the mayor of a conservative place where most people voted for Donald Trump – and he wins! “

The movie can only be seen in the US on Amazon Prime Video at this time.

Westerman became known as RTL News Reporter in America. Westerman has made a number of his own programs since 2004, Max and the City and Max in all states, where he can delve into various aspects of American society. In 2002 he published his first book, Max & the City, which is a collection of short stories about his (journalistic) life in New York. In 2008, he presented the Westerman’s Nieuwe Wereld TV series, in which he compares the Netherlands with the United States. Based on various themes, Westermann went on a journey of re-discovery through the Netherlands and compared his experiences to his time in America. The series was broadcast by KRO. In 2006 Westermann settled in Brazil. Lives in Rio de Janeiro in the Ipanema region. He is a reporter for EenVandaag, among others.

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