Max Verstappen celebrated with a small party after his world title and is delighted with a message from the King | sports

Max Verstappen celebrated with a small party after his world title and is delighted with a message from the King |  sports

Max Verstappen spoke in the run-up to the US Grand Prix about the implications of his second world title. The Dutchman, now a two-time Formula 1 world champion, reacted to the fact that Red Bull’s budget cap was exceeded last year.

by Marijn Abbenhuijs

Max Verstappen celebrated a bit after winning his second world title in Japan two weeks ago. After his victory at the Suzuka Circuit, in which he finished the championship, there was not immediately a big party. When he came home, he took a moment to do so.

“I celebrated it a little bit,” he said in the run-up to the US Grand Prix. “I was still somewhat busy with commitments and simulation work, but I had an evening where I invited friends and relatives to have a nice dinner together.”

He also received a letter from King Willem-Alexander. He replied, “That was fun.” It’s nice to note that the royal family appreciates my performance and that they are watching. It was nice to get that recognition again.

Max Verstappen with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. © Reuters

The Dutchman himself has not yet recovered. What’s more, he still has a lot to gain in the coming weeks. “Manufacturers’ title is where we go now,” he said. We don’t need that many points anymore, but of course we just want to win the race here in Austin. I’m here to show my best. Of course everything is more relaxed now, but I also want to be the best here.”

If you want to see Verstappen this weekend, you have to stay up late. Check here the weekend race dates in the US.

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Verstappen about budget cap

In the run-up to the US Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was once again faced with the situation surrounding the budget cap. His Red Bull team is now facing a penalty after the FIA ​​announced that the budget cap had been exceeded in 2021.

“It’s something between the team and the FIA,” the two-time world champion confirmed. “We have a strong belief that we have stayed within budget. That is why we are also in talks with the FIA ​​(the Motorsport Federation has submitted a proposal to Red Bull, which the team must now respond to, editor). But in the end, it’s not all. With my hand and I just focus on performing in the car. But then again, we really think we’ve done a good job.”

The fact that there’s a lot of talk about the budget cap, after he won his second title, doesn’t bother him, he said. Everyone can talk about it, but I don’t think we did anything wrong. I believe in that and we will present it to the FIA. This topic will soon be over.”

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