Max Verstappen boycotts Sky Sports after Ted Kravitz comments

Verstappen boycot Sky Sports na uitspraken Kravitz

Max Verstappen chose not to answer questions from Sky Sports after he criticized two-time race champion Ted Kravitz last weekend. Many Britons are still in limbo with last year’s title finale and a budget cap violation set ablaze.

After the US Grand Prix, Kravitz went, as he does every weekend, for his run across the pit lane. On Ted’s Notebook, he walks through the race and once again explains the events of the weekend. During the race in Austin, it looked like Lewis Hamilton could win at home, until Verstappen advanced six laps before the finish. It caused Kravitz to go out furiously after the race.

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Kravitz started in Austin with the comment that Hamilton was an eight-time champion and immediately corrected that, but the damage was already done. “What a scenario this could have been. Hamilton goes in the last race to be the best of all time. He gets robbed, he comes back, and this year’s car is worthless and he doesn’t win a race all year. He’s fighting the same thing as the guy who took away the title last year. And he was able to finish the race in front of him,” the Briton opened on the program after the race in Austin. However, the race in Austin was a little different. “But no, that wasn’t the case in the States. The guy who managed to beat him in 2021, after the seven-time champion was robbed, managed to beat and overtake him, because he had a faster car.” I continued.

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Verstappen and Red Bull Racing listened to the derogatory comments and therefore decided to ban Sky Sports in Mexico. It’s not just about the British team, the German and Italian branches of Sky Sports don’t have to rely on the Dutchman’s story. GPFans It has been reported that Red Bull Racing not only sees Kravitz’s commentary during the United States Grand Prix as insulting, but rather about the public image. According to the team, Kravitz’s comment was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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