Matthew McConaughey’s new movie was canceled out of the blue

Matthew McConaughey's new movie was canceled out of the blue

Just weeks before the filming of Dallas Sting, the movie was canceled entirely. The production company reported, among other things, to The Hollywood Reporter, although the exact reason remains unclear.

In the movie, top actor Matthew McConaughey (The Beach Boom) to play one of the main roles and Kaitlyn Dever (BooksmartShe had a role, too. The direction should have been in the hands of Carrie Skogland (The Hawk and the Winter Soldier).

According to THR, the film could have been canceled because Skydance would have received accusations about certain aspects of the true story.

A movie about China’s girls soccer team
The movie is about a girls’ soccer team that goes to China in 1984 and defeats teams from China, Australia, Japan and Italy against all odds.

The drama is said to have taken place against the backdrop of President Ronald Reagan’s attempts to strengthen US-China relations.

So more details are scarce and likely to come out soon. Recordings for Dallas Sting It will start in six weeks.

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