Massey finds a new job in his native Australia

Massey finds a new job in his native Australia

At the beginning of this year, former Formula 1 racing director Michael Massi was removed from his position by the FIA. The Motorsports Federation promised Massey another position within the organization, but nothing came of it. The Australian has left for his homeland and now appears to have found a new job there.

According to many media outlets, Massey will soon start the post of Chairman of the Supercar Commission. This position has been vacant since the departure of Neil Crompton. The Supercard chiefs have yet to approve Massey’s arrival, and if he gets the go-ahead, he can go back to work. So it means that Massey can return to racing.

Massey is no stranger to supercars in Australia. He previously served as Deputy Racing Director before moving to the FIA ​​in 2018. In 2019, he was named the successor to the prematurely deceased Charlie Whiting. Last season, he came under tremendous pressure as Formula 1 race director. After the controversial season finale in Abu Dhabi, he was removed from his position by the FIA ​​and succeeded by Eduardo Freitas and Nils Wittich.

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