Marvel Studios lost a lot of money to ‘Black Widow’ due to piracy

Marvel Studios lost a lot of money to 'Black Widow' due to piracy

Disney reportedly lost $600 million on Black Widow due to piracy. It was the first film to be part of the film studio’s plans for Phase 4.

It was supposed to be shown in theaters on May 1, 2020, but the release was postponed due to the coronavirus. The film finally premiered on July 9, 2021 and made the best opening weekend for the pandemic at the time, grossing $80 million in the United States and $60 million on Disney+. But the film disappointed in its second week, when the box office dropped 68%. In addition, after two weeks, it has already become the most illegally downloaded movie of the entire pandemic.

heavy losses
Deadline reports that Disney paid dearly for its Disney+ release because it’s so easy to do Black Widow Online in multiple languages.

Deadline sources say Black Widow It had already been downloaded illegally more than 20 million times by August 2021. Since the movie on Disney+ with VIP access cost about $21.99 (or $30), that’s an estimated $600 million lost to online piracy.

There is a good chance this will become more common as movie production companies choose to release movies online after less than 45 days in cinemas.

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