Marko sets Brazil GP final goal: “It’s time!”

Marko sets Brazil GP final goal: "It's time!"

Red Bull has had an impressive series of three double podiums. In Turkey, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez took second and third places, respectively, and in both the United States and Mexico they took first and third places. Red Bull is doing excellent work in both the drivers’ championship and the constructors’ championship, but team advisor Helmut Marko is very keen to take that step even better.

When asked if Red Bull will double-win at the Brazilian Grand Prix, Marko can’t help laughing: “Yeah, we’ve been chasing that since 2016, so now is the time”, it seems in conversation with the German RTL. In 2016, Red Bull was in the top two with two drivers at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Then Daniel Ricciardo won the race ahead of Max Verstappen.

Marco relies on Perez

Marko now dares to formulate that goal, precisely in the knowledge that Perez has been performing well in recent races. It’s full of praise for the Mexican. “Since the Monza Grand Prix, he’s always been on the podium. However, he still has a netted penalty and the wrong strategic call in Russia has thrown a wrench in the works, but in qualifying, for example, he’s getting better and better.”

“We’ve also seen in the races that he’s very strong, especially in the second half. It became very exciting with Lewis Hamilton (in Mexico, editor)”, continues Marko, who also played Bottas in the race. The title fight was not left unanswered: “Of course you also have Valtteri Bottas. Some days he’s unbeatable, other days he’s nowhere. I hope this trend continues for a while,” the Austrian laughed.

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