Mariah Carey on calling her a “superstar” as a child: It was just so horrible


The “Without You” singer spoke with Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” about her racist experiences that left her feeling “traumatized” while growing up among her white peers.

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Mariah Carey He’s Suffered a Fair Share of Racism Growing Up In a new interview revealing her new book “The Meaning of Maria,” the “fantasy” maker opened up about her “extremely horrific” ordeal when she was described as a “hybrid” due to her mixed ethnic background.

Appeared on Friday October 2nd episode of “The Daily ShowThe 50-year-old stated that she grew up in “predominantly white neighborhoods with people who have nice homes.” Then she told the host. Trevor Noah, “And I was there, for most of them, I hate using that word but, hybrid. So they really didn’t have a great opinion of me for that reason.”

the ex wife Nick Cannon She made the revelation after being asked how she handled the memory of being locked in a room during a birthday party and being repeatedly named by her white peers. Remembering the painful moment in her life, she confessed, “It was a very terrible experience.”

The hit maker, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” added that the accident was one of the things she hasn’t really talked about for most people. She said, “I don’t know I ever felt the need to talk to anyone about it because I don’t feel like I’m the only person in the world who’s been through something painful at all. But that was very specific.”

“I think the reason most people are not expecting is … I don’t know. Because of ethnic ambiguity? Because of anything,” the mother of the twins went on to explain why she had done this in the past. “But I didn’t always do my hair, makeup, clothes, and pretty things, you know?”

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Regarding her writing prowess on such difficult topics, Mariah noted, “I definitely go to the joke place instead of, like, ‘Oh, I’m so sad, I’m crying and depressed. She added, “That’s why people have labels and” Oh, you are this and you are this “or whatever … It’s tough. You know it’s hard, I don’t need to tell you. But … yes, I prefer laughing than crying. ”

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