?? Marathon man?? Max Wearing scores a fine podium spot on Paul Rijkaard between two US Super Trofeo races

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe Max Wearing

Le Castellet?? After his big win in the first round of the European Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Max Wearing continued his campaign at the Paul Rijkaard circuit. The twenty-year-old driver from Coevoeren finished second in the second race of the weekend. During the first race he was also very fast, but took damage on the last lap. And he thinks that?? Marathon man?? Just returned from the US from the North American Super Trofeo.

The fact that Max finished off the weekend in style showed his resilience. Because it’s starting to get tough on the fast Drent. The practice sessions were still excellent, but during qualifying the car had technical issues. ?? I had a lot of redneck. As a result, I didn’t get past the 5th and 7th fastest times in the qualifiers?? , said Max.

Once this shortcoming was corrected, he had more than excellent pace, as it turned out in the first race, which he started from seventh. ?? It was a good start, and I passed the first and second round just fine. I was already fifth and had a good starting position. I managed to keep the pace for the rest of my time. ??

?? Unfortunately, I had to wait three seconds in the pits because I’m driving alone (the organization says this time is necessary for teams making a driver change, editor). ?? As a result, he slipped to seventh place, but fortunately managed to press on the spot.

?? After stopping I was able to attack because I was careful with my tires. My speed was still good. I quickly got back to fourth and was close to the guys in the lead. I also learned that a few of them had been punished. ??

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?? There was also a rider of a different class in front of me. So it didn’t count for my ranking. At one point I had one hit faster than the rest and was almost second. I was ready to secure that place. Then the steering column broke.

It happened in the last round. ?? I passed over the curb and suddenly the car was going too fast. Then the axle broke. Fifty seconds before the end flag, really bad. It went well. Then you get the feeling: everything went for nothing. But it is part of the sport. If I had finished the race I would have been the championship leader because the second seed in the standings wouldn’t have scored many points. ??

Paul Rijkaard gave the Lamborghini Super Trofeo the European Championship Max Wearing

In the second race, the start was tough. “It was a bad start,” Max said frankly. ?? After the second corner I retreated from five to seven. Then I was behind a rider of a different class who really bore me. ??

Max lost contact with the knights in front of him. Because he had excellent speed, he was able to bridge the gap. ?? I managed to get past them at some point, too. At that time I was faster by one and a half to twenty per lap.

During the pit stop, Max had to stand still for three seconds longer than the two drivers who shared the car with a teammate. He got back on track in eighth place. ?? It took a lot of time to catch up with the knights again. But my speed was good. ?? This proved to be the case, as Max took one rider after another and finally crossed the finish line in second place. ?? You chose good attitudes, and drove safely. I kept pushing and that got me into second place, he explained.

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He thoroughly enjoyed the second race, despite the long forced layover. ?? It was really a bumper race. Almost like karting. Once we were sitting next to each other with four people. It was like the Mazda Cup but with a Lamborghini. That was really fun. It was the best race of my motorsport career. ??

Max will be racing in his next race next weekend. He then competed in the second round of the North American Super Trofeo at the Virginia International Raceway. ?? I’ve never ridden there. To get acquainted with the track, I have to do two free practice sessions and qualify. So that would be very difficult. Fortunately I have a very good European mechanic there. He knows exactly what I want. ??

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Max admitted that the combination of the two Super Trofeo championships puts a lot of pressure on him. A little over a week ago, “Marathon Man” was also in the United States, in Texas. There he had a Super Trofeo race at the Circuit of the Americas. After racing in France, he will be flying across the ocean again this week. ?? It’s pretty cool, but flying and all the COVID tests are starting to bother me a little bit. I’ve been tested ten times in the past few weeks. Soon I will have a nail in my nose! ??

Max Weering is supported in his racing activities by Tuindeco.

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