“Making sport more open and inclusive”

“Making sport more open and inclusive”

Lewis Hamilton hopes to add his eighth world title in his Formula 1 career this season. The British driver has to deal with Max Verstappen who is still involved and looks like he has a good chance. Despite the fight, Hamilton also has time for other things.

The Mercedes driver claimed his 100th victory last weekend, putting himself in a beautiful class once again. However, Hamilton still sees opportunities to take steps. “It is important to never stop dreaming,” says in a conversation with Sky Italia. “Every year I make a list of goals I want to achieve for myself. Then I set about ten goals for myself, but often only one or two works.”

Hamilton is not only thinking about his career, but also trying to make his contribution to improving the world of Formula 1 in a broader sense. “My dream this year is to make the sport more open and inclusive. I am currently creating a new path for people to walk who would normally not be a part of the sport.”

Red Bull vs Mercedes

Where Mercedes were the favorites to win during the Grand Prix of Italy and Russia, it appears that Red Bull Racing in Turkey is once again vying for the top spot. The racetracks in the US, Mexico and Brazil seem to fit Verstappen well.

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