Majority of Republicans want Trump to run for the presidency again in 2024

Donald Trump CPAC 2021

Six out of ten Republicans believe that former US President Donald Trump should run again in the presidential election in 2024. A similar number believe that the presidential election last November, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden, was stolen from Trump from During voter fraud on a large scale.

Almost three months have passed since Donald Trump supporters forcibly stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, United States. In those events, a total of five people were killed. Then many accused Trump who had recently instigated the crowd with a speech in which he spoke of “rigging the elections” and “fighting hard,” among other things. However, a new impeachment trial was voted on by loyal Republican supporters of the former president.

Storming the Capitol

So far, Trump has not fully condemned the actions of the January 6 terrorists. In recent months, he and his Republican allies have been increasingly distorting today’s realities.

A Reuters poll by Ipsos shows that this tactic is hurting a large portion of MAGA supporters. About half of Republicans believe the blockade of the Capitol was largely peaceful or were blamed on left-wing activists who “wanted to cast Trump in a bad light.”

Hardly three in ten Republicans believe Trump bears any responsibility for the day’s events. 59% of Americans think so.

Presidential elections 2024

Donald Trump clearly remains hugely popular within the Republican Party. According to an Ipsos / Reuters poll, eight out of ten Republicans still have a positive impression of the former president. In fact, six out of ten Republicans believe that the 74-year-old Donald Trump should run for president again in 2024.

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