Major local fire in Brussels: at least 25 people injured

Major local fire in Brussels: at least 25 people injured

At least 25 people were injured in a fire in an apartment complex in Anderlecht, Belgium, near Brussels. Three of them were seriously injured. VRT reports, among others, that four of the injured were firefighters.

The fire brigade received the news around 3 am, and the cause of the fire was not immediately clear.

A spokesman for the fire brigade in Brussels told Flemish Radio: “Upon arrival, the building caught fire.” “Evacuations are already underway and we have done many rescues ourselves.”

The injured were taken to hospital. The three seriously injured people inhaled a lot of smoke and one was badly burned, the firefighting team said in the VRT report. The number of injured is likely to increase, Het Laatste Nieuws told firefighters.

‘under control’

The four-storey building was still burning, but according to the fire brigade, it couldn’t scale. “At the moment, there is still a lot of firefighting, because the house also has a stretch that is difficult to reach. The fire is now under control and cannot spread.”

Nearby houses were evacuated. The fire brigade is also calling on everyone who lives in the area to stay home and keep windows and doors closed.

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