Lyon vs Santos Laguna: Live Online Streaming and Liga MX Updates (1-1) | 3/11/2020

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4 minutes ago

52 ‘Lyon goal

An excellent definition of “Chapo” Montes from outside the area that reached the corner, after a series of retreats in the Santos area.
Great game from the captain!

8 minutes ago

49 ‘

The game of danger in the Lyon region in which Kota ended up slashing it twice, but it was complicated.

11:57 PM 25 minutes ago

Half the time

Lyon dominated the ball but was unable to score, while Julio Verc, with one game he had to shoot, scored the goal that gave Santos a partial advantage.

11:54 PM 27 minutes ago

47 ‘

A lawsuit was filed in court, but after the review in the VAR judgment, the verdict, Oscar Mejia, did not properly punish the sentence.

11:52 PM 30 minutes ago

45 ‘

Rodriguez overwhelms Barreiro, who passes the ball but is very strong and inside the area.

11:48 PM 33 minutes ago

41 ‘Santos goal

Goal Julio Vecch!
He kicked him from afar and with the cooperation of Kota sent the first goal of the match.

11:46 PM 36 minutes ago

40 ‘

Rodriguez shot, which went beyond the Lion’s goal.

11:43 PM 38 minutes ago

37 ‘

A yellow card for Van Rankin who practically rode the Lyon player to intercept progress.

11:38 PM 43 minutes ago

32 ‘

A shot by Gael Sandoval went past Kuta.

11:27 PM an hour ago

20 ‘

The goal was canceled for Gigliotti who was found out of place.

11:25 pm an hour ago

19 ‘

Mina’s quick game ends easily in the hands of Acevedo.

11:22 PM an hour ago

16 ‘

Garnica played great with a tunnel that ended with a cross pass into the area but with the shot Sandoval sent the ball across the side.

11:18 PM an hour ago

12 ‘

The first strong shot of the match by Gorriarán but it goes straight into Cota’s hand.

11:14 p.m. an hour ago

7 ‘

In the first minutes, Santos presses and the local team finds it difficult to get out with the ball they control.

11:06 PM an hour ago

0 ‘

The match begins at the Nou Camp!

11:04 pm an hour ago

Santos will go for this feat

10:54 pm an hour ago

Santos expresses his support for Rivas

10:45 p.m. two hours ago

Youth promised on court

10:17 PM 2 hours ago

Keen to see the team at home

10:11 PM two hours ago

Finally Leon stays at home

10:02 PM two hours ago

Start a live broadcast

In a few moments, we will be bringing you the formations and all the details of the game that Lyon vs. Santos will be facing.
The last duel from Round of 16! welcome!

6:29 PM 6 hours ago

The last match between Lyon and Santos

6:19 PM 6 hours ago

The last line-up for Santos

Acevedo J. Van Rankin, H. Rodríguez, M. Dória; a. Cervantes, B. Garnica, F Guryaran, Dr. Andrade, J. Sandoval; J. Furch and E. Aguirre.

6:14 PM 6 hours ago

Lyon latest lineup

Cotta, Ramirez, Barrio, Tesilo, Rodriguez, Navarro, Aquino, Montes, Mina, Minis and Gigliotti.

6:09 PM 6 hours ago

The main player in Santos

6:04 PM 6 hours ago

The main player is Lyon

5:59 PM 6 hours ago

Santos strives to be a local recycler

5:54 PM 6 hours ago

Asad is fine and good news

5:49 PM 7 hours ago

Starting time

The Lyon match against Santos will be played at the Lyon Stadium in Guanajuato, Mexico.
The start of the match has been set at 11:00 PM ET.

5:44 PM 7 hours ago

Welcome to’s live coverage of Guard1anes 2020: Lyon vs Santos!

My name is Salvador Espino and I will be your host for this game.
We’ll provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates and news as they happen right here on VAVEL.

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