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ZUTPHEN – Friday 7 October Luxor and the Henrick Baderorgel Foundation are presenting a private movie party in Walburgiskerk. In the program a classic masterpiece restored by Eye shoes from 1916. The film was presented by NRC editor Joyce Rodnat, and was accompanied live by Rotterdam organist Gert Berling.

melodrama shoes By Loïs Weber it follows a shop girl who is too poor to buy shoes and therefore tends to engage in prostitution herself. Louis Weber (1879-1939),’Early Leading Director and Screenwriter HollywoodShe was the most successful director of her era and had a huge impact on silent cinema. She directed and wrote several groundbreaking films – dramas that combined social and political criticism with personal stories.

Louis Webber established the script for the film shoes A short story written by American Stella Wayne Heron. That story, in turn, was based on the true story of a poor young woman from a 1912 factual book on prostitution by Jane Addams. Indeed, for her short story mantra, Heron cites directly from Addams’ work: “When the shoe became too worn out for the third time and she only had 90 cents for a new pair, she gave up; her disdainful expression is that she sold herself to buy a new pair of shoes.”

#Me too
shoes Lost and invisible for decades, until the Netherlands Film Museum found a unique copy of nitrate in 1990. In 2010, Eye once again digitally restored the film to remove white mold spots one by one. in 2014, shoes Added to the United States National Film Registry, confirming that this film belongs to the most significant audiovisual heritage in the United States. Since then (and around the #MeToo movement) the film has been shown countless times and is now part of the curriculum at many universities.

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Geert Berling
Gert Berling was the artistic director of the Rotterdam Orgeldagen Festival. As bassist, organist and organist, he regularly performs, solo and in group, with musicians from the Rotterdam Philharmonic, the new trombone group. In addition, Gert Berling also works as an improviser on the organ, piano and organ in classic silent films.

It starts at 8 pm. Tickets cost 12 euros via or or at the box office in Luxor.

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