Luijkx returns after a year and a half: ‘Smiling all day’


UTRECHT Jasper Luikx played a game in the Kampung Grand League for the first time on Sunday a year and a half after injury. Utrecht’s team won 0-4 at the Little Switzerland Stadium. “I’ve been smiling all day,” says the hockey player Namen & Rugnummer.

I’m glad I played successfully without getting hurt. “

Jasper Loixx

Luikx had a torn cruciate ligament in September 2019. He’s been through a deep pelvis recently. He has injured his knee and hamstrings several times. This year it ran into some startup problems, but a comeback has been drawing nearer. He trained with fellow injured Boet Phijffer. “We ran a lot,” says Luijkx. “We trained with the goal of playing a full game.”


He played a few minutes against little Switzerland. “I feel very good now. I’m happy that I managed to play without hurting. I smile all day,” the kampung player said.

Jasper Luikx: “I’m not in a hurry.”

Luijkx had the opportunity to make his comeback better with a chance to score a goal in the fifth minute of the second quarter. “I pushed the ball next to the goalkeeper. In the reflex the goalkeeper took the ball. I was hoping it would go in. The next game the ball will be inside the post.”

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