Louise Borcoin’s decision surprises education advisors | Primary schools around Bergen op Zoom will remain closed

Louise Borcoin's decision surprises education advisors |  Primary schools around Bergen op Zoom will remain closed

Bergen op Zoom – The decision of 31 elementary schools belonging to the comprehensive educational organization Louise Borkoyn not to open their doors on Monday surprised the education advisers in the municipalities concerned.

By not opening schools, the Lowys Porquin is against national policy. This causes unrest and disappointment among children and makes a renewed appeal to the parents, ”relevant local council members in Bergen op Zoom, Tullen, Weindrecht and Steinberg said in a joint press release.


They immediately sought joint contact with the Lowys Porquin Board of Directors. Municipalities have received several reports from the community that primary schools have not reopened next Monday and “we understand the fuss about this very well.”

Education Inspectorate

However, municipal administrators are aware that the final decision rests with the education umbrella. “It is evaluated whether this is legal by the Education Inspectorate.” Board members believe that it is important to inform the school’s umbrella organization that they question whether the decision is in the right proportion of the impacts on children, parents and society. They indicated this in their conversation with the Lowys Porquin board Thursday morning.

“The education umbrella indicates that it made its decision based on their concerns about safety and the uncertainty surrounding developments in the Coronavirus, and we understand the difficult situation in which schools are located, but also the emphasis on monitoring the social impact of the decision,” the municipal council members said.


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Alderman Esther Brent from the municipality of Steinberg wants to encourage students who will not be able to go to school next week: “I heard many children are disappointed, and I understand it very well. Talk about it at home, with friends and in class. What is comfort. You can hold it for some time. “

Adds Alderman Lars van Beek van Woensdrecht, “This decision affects almost all primary schools in our municipality. Many children and residents have to deal with it and so the social impact is significant. I am very sorry for this.”

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