Lots of support for NFL star exit Share: I’m so proud of him

Lots of support for NFL star exit Share: I'm so proud of him

The first reactions to the exit of the American football player Karl Nessib are positive. He is the first active NFL player to be openly gay. Positive feedback comes from the NFL. “Acting is important.”

The 28-year-old Nassib shared on Instagram about his homosexuality, and he hoped his example would increase the visibility of other gay athletes. He made his announcement during Pride Month in the United States and caused a turning point in the NFL. He is the first active player in the 101-year history of Major League Soccer to be openly gay.

“Sports, in many ways, are one of the last places where homophobia exists,” said Cathy Rinna, a spokeswoman for the LGBTQ task force at The New York Times.

Contract 25 million per year
Rina’s statements have a deep-rooted background. To date, there has been one player – Michael Sam – in the NFL who has been openly gay, but has never played a single game. On the other hand, Nassib was already under contract to 3 teams from the NFL. He started his college career in Penn State, then spent two seasons with The Browns in Cleveland, then played two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and last year signed a $25 million contract with the Las Vegas Raiders.

the owner of the invaders
Mark David, owner of Raiders, responded to the ESPN announcement. “It’s 2021. Look how strong Karl is. It doesn’t change my opinion of him as a person or as a rider.” “The NFL family is proud of Karl for bravely sharing the truth today. Representation matters. We share his hope that such statements will not be newsworthy and that we are moving toward full equality for the LGBTQ+ community,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. next season.”

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ex coach
One of the most touching comments came from Penn State coach James Franklin. Nesib played under him in college in 2014. Franklin wrote on Twitter: “I’m so proud of Karl for his bravery. I’m not surprised by this announcement, because if you know Karl, you know his strength. Karl will continue to add new chapters to his story that will have an impact beyond play. “.

Players’ reactions
Reactions are also slowly pouring in from the NFL players. Including the New York Giantsrunning back I will be Barclay Inn Arizona Cardinals-defensive end JJ Watt (Tri defender General) Send a nice message to Nassib via social media. So are some former players, but Tom Brady, the NFL’s biggest star, is keeping quiet for now.

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