Lots of drivers feel all seasons are good enough, according to Tire Poll – BC News

Lots of drivers feel all seasons are good enough, according to Tire Poll - BC News

60% use winter tires

Winter tire use in British Columbia has grown steadily over the past six years. A new survey finds 60 percent of British motorists ride winter tires – up from 38 percent in 2014.

And 80 percent of those say their tires saved them from losing control or crashing.

Increased use is good news for road safety, but 40 percent of not using winter tires threatens the safety of all drivers, according to the Canadian Tire and Rubber Association, which commissioned the Liger survey.

A national survey found that 63 percent of those who do not use winter tires think all seasons are “good enough”.

40 percent said they don’t use winter tires because they simply don’t drive much in the winter.

The 2020 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study by TRAC also found that outside of Quebec, where winter tires are required by law, winter tire use is 65 percent.

“Canadian drivers have spoken and our study clearly shows that winter tires make a profound difference in preventing crashes and saving lives,” says Carol Hosho, President and CEO of TRAC. “However, it is clear that more consumer awareness is needed to raise awareness of the superior grip and stopping power of tires specifically designed for Canadian winters. The most surprising finding in the study is that two-thirds of those who do not use winter tires believe all seasons are good enough. “.

There are three basic options: all-season tires; All-season tires with the three peak symbol (often called “all-weather” tires), and custom winter tires that are designed for winter use only.

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Choosing the right tire can mean the difference between a proven winter’s driving experience and a nervous driving experience.

Driving on all-season tires in the winter months increases stopping distances and deals with hazards when temperatures drop below 7 ° C. All-weather tires with a three-peak symbol provide better traction, but may not provide the traction needed for extreme winter conditions.

Winter tires feature softer tread fittings that maintain their flexibility even in extremely cold temperatures. It delivers superior traction and much shorter stopping distances in all winter driving conditions from icy, brutal and snow-capped roads to cool, dry pavements.

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