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HENGELO/ASSEN – TT Circuit Assen hosted Jack’s Racing Day (JRD), formerly Gamma Racing Day, for the second time this past weekend. During JRD there are many shows and motorcycles, cars and wagons driven. The usual training sessions are on Friday and Saturday, and the first car races are on Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be filled with many races and, among other things, Formula 1 performances.

JRD is a free event, but those who wanted to see everything up close in the track had to pay an entry fee. For example, there have been signature sessions by former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard of England and World Supersport champion Dominic Eggert of Switzerland. Various cakes and cupcakes were made to entertain the audience. She was very busy in the stands as well as in the ring. Many of the public went to look at the Dakar cars from the past and present. On Saturday and Sunday, tens of thousands of spectators came to Assen.

The BeNeLux Trophy Superbike and Supersport MotoGP have led two races that count in the championship. As did a number of locals and members of Hamov. The fastest man during the training sessions was Jeroen Hellster who races Nelson Rolfes RR Socia Racing. He drove his BMW almost a second faster than Rob Hartog on his SWPN Yamaha. Pepijn Bijsterbosch was third to start on Zon BMW’s BCC Alpha. These three gentlemen will compete in the Superbike class, as will Theis Peters, Marcel Zurbier and Bas Linnemann, who finished seventh, fifteenth and nineteenth respectively.
The fastest man in Supersport was Melvin van der Voort who scored an impressive fourth time. Victor Stemann, who normally competes in the World Supersport 300 Championship for MTM Kawasaki, now rides RR Socia Racing’s Yamaha Supersport machine. Steeman showed he could handle a Yamaha well, and the sixth time was more than he expected. Van der Voort and Steeman left many Superbike riders behind in practice and both races.

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Rob Hartog
At about 9 a.m. Sunday morning, the first race for the BeNeLux Championship took place. Hammoff’s member, Rob Hartog, had the best start and managed to break away from the competition in the first laps. But Jeroen Hellster gave a chase and a few laps before the end managed to pass Hartog nicely and take the win. After Hartog, Bijsterbosch crossed the finish line in third place, Thijs Peeters was ranked fifth in the Superbikes. Zurber finished ninth and Linnemann fourteenth. At Supersport, van der Voort was unbeatable in the first race. And with good progress, he won in this category, ahead of Sander Cruz and Victor Stemann.
Near the end of the day, the second race for the BeNeLux Cup is scheduled. Once again it was Rob Hartog who came out quickly from the first blocks. This time he didn’t give up his lead for three seconds and managed to reach the finish line first. Pepijn Bijsterbosch and Jeroen Hilster together fought hard and this time it was for Bijsterbosch, who was second to climb the podium for Hilster. Thijs Peters finished fifth, ahead of Melvin van der Voort. Van der Voort was again the fastest supersport in the field and finished sixth, ahead of Sander Kroeze and Victor Steeman. Marcel Zurber and Bas Lehmann took the first and eighteenth places. In karts and various motor racing, the audience was also often treated with exciting races with the necessary scene.

This weekend IDM (International Deutsche Motorad Meistershaft) takes place in Assen. Well worth a visit. If you want to follow the IRRC (International Road Racing Championship) in person, you must travel to the Czech Republic. The fourth race of the season will be held at Horace Street.

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