Los Angeles pub owner Garcetti and Newsom tore up double-level outdoor dining

Los Angeles pub owner Garcetti and Newsom tore up double-level outdoor dining

A Los Angeles bar owner was battling crying on Friday, claiming that Mayor Eric Garcetti shut down the outdoor patio at her job – while allowing a Hollywood movie crew to set up an outdoor dining area a short distance away.

The lockdown at Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of the city came amid a county-ordered ban on outdoor dining, a stay-at-home order issued by the mayor – and California-wide plans to shut down businesses if hospitalized with the coronavirus. Hit required levels.

Angela Marsden, owner of Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon, shows a video explaining her stance – as she walks into the film’s crew prepping tents, tables and chairs to show how close she is to her job.

“So this is where I am, Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon. If I go to my country [Facebook] Page You can see all the work I’ve done to eat al fresco, for the tables that are seven feet apart,

“I came today because I am organizing a demonstration and I have come to get things for that. I entered my car park – and apparently Mayor Garcetti agreed … That,” he continues, pointing to the tent being ready. “He agreed to set this up for… This is being prepared for… for a film company.

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“I’m losing everything. Everything I have has been taken away from me and they have set up a film company by my outdoor patio, which is right here,” she said in a trembling voice with emotion. People are asking why I am protesting and why I have had enough.

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They didn’t give us money and shut us down. “We cannot survive,” she says, returning to her work. “My crew cannot survive.”

“Look at this.” She says, pointing to her yard, he tells me this is dangerous, “but right next to me, like a slap in the face, it’s safe. Is this safe? Fifteen feet?

“This is dangerous. Garcetti Mayor and Gavin Newsom [are] Responsible for everyone who has no unemployment, no job, and all the work that goes in their way.

“We need your help,” she concludes. “We need someone to do something about it.”

The county ban on outdoor eating suffered a legal setback Wednesday when a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled that county officials must present scientific evidence to justify their ban, which was to be in effect for three weeks.

“We succeeded in Los Angeles Supreme Court today, with the judge agreeing that Los Angeles County should show why it ordered a ban on outdoor dining,” the California Restaurant Association tweeted Wednesday.

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But the ruling was not beneficial to bars and restaurants in Los Angeles after Garcetti executed the stay-at-home order the same day the judge ruled.

Meanwhile, Newsom, a Democrat, announced Thursday that four out of five districts in the state will have less than 15% of the beds available in ICUs for regional hospital networks within a day or two, which will lead to new restrictions on the virus. Corona in the United States. Those areas. The San Francisco Bay Area was the only area that did not meet the standards.

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When the orders go into effect, the governor said, all bars, hair salons, barbershops, casinos and indoor and outdoor stadiums will be closed.

The Facebook page of Sherman Oaks salon has a link to a crowdsourcing page that raised nearly $ 20,000 as of late Friday night.

“We are grateful and humble for this outpouring generosity!” The page says. “Thanks to our community!”

The Facebook page also includes an announcement about a planned Saturday protest outside the Santa Monica home of Los Angeles County Superintendent Sheila Coehl, scheduled for 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. local time.

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Kuehl made headlines earlier this week when she ate dinner at a restaurant near her home just hours after voting to ban outdoor dining in the county.

The declaration affirms that the protest is not about “party politics, but about people!”

“We are all essential!” Ad says. “Supporting our families is essential !! “

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