London in Level 2 closed

London in Level 2 closed

Why London is not at level 3?

On November 26, Conservative chief minister Ian Duncan Smith suggested that putting the capital under first-class restrictions would be catastrophic for the entire country’s economy. “If London catches a cold, the rest of the country will follow suit,” he said.

“So our real problem is balance, which I fear isn’t there. The economy is important – it’s not just a question of money, it’s a question of livelihoods, lives, mental health, there are all kinds of things that come with on the back of a good economy against the backdrop of a failed economy.”

Are infection rates high in London?

On November 26, the day the new levels were announced, rates of Covid-19 infection appeared to be declining, with reports indicating that at least 0.78 percent of the population was infected. It currently has the fourth lowest regional infection rate in the country which is below the national average.

Despite this, Hafring, a district in London, has the highest rate of any area placed at Tier 2, at 342.9. This rate is higher than 92 of 119 sites now facing Tier 3 restrictions.

Will London go to level 3?

If the volume of cases in London rises, along with the pressure on the NHS, the region will move to the highest level of restrictions. This system will continue until at least March, and each location will be reviewed by level every 14 days, which means London still has the potential to move to Level 3 at some point during the next four months.

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As the prime minister participated in a Downing Street briefing, the regions have the power to move levels, as he said, “Your level is not your destiny.”

Caves are permitted, but don’t sit on Santa’s lap

New government directives confirm that caves are permitted at all levels, but sitting on Santa’s lap is forbidden.

Places must put in place adequate measures to secure Covid, and families will be required to maintain social distancing from Father Christmas.

It is also permitted to sing hymns door to door as long as the groups are in the open air and distance from one another.

However, people in level 3 cannot attend school birth plays and will have to broadcast live or watch a recording instead.

The performances should be within the bubbles of the current school, without mixing between groups.

At levels 1 and 2 the public will be able to attend “subject to appropriate safeguards in place”.

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