Logistically anonymous for “specific” vaccination campaigns planned in schools at the beginning of the school year

Logistically anonymous for "specific" vaccination campaigns planned in schools at the beginning of the school year

Vaccination of secondary and high school students will be an important part of the health strategy published at the beginning of the school year. This was confirmed by the head of state during his televised address on July 12, and announced its publication in September. Specific vaccination campaigns For young people, vaccination has been open to young people from the age of 12 since mid-June.

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“France has largely preserved education during this crisis”, He defended Emmanuel Macron on Monday. “Twelve weeks of school closures since March 2020, compared to fifty-six weeks in the United States and thirty-four weeks in Germany… We can be proud that we have done everything in our power for the future of our children and youth.”

On vaccinating the youngest, the presidential statement was not entirely surprising: in an opinion published on July 8, the Scientific Council suggested making it a priority. He is also the position of the Immunization Strategy Board and the High Authority for Health. On the other hand, regulation in schools does not seem to have the advantages of the Minister of Education: on July 8, in CNewsand the Jean-Michel Blanquer made it clear that he wanted it “Especially that students in vaccination centers will be vaccinated for the next two months.” “Our school system is not completely organized to vaccinate all students, and most commonly we can vaccinate children in designated centers,” Then he pushed. When asked about LCI, he also said he’s afraid of… System failure.

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“mobile teams”

The announcement of the head of state in the education community raises many questions at this stage. “Who is vaccinated? At what time? Which consent group?” Sophie Venetiti, a spokeswoman for SNES-FSU, is skeptical about the union of the majority among high school teachers. We know that [vacciner dans les établissements] It can be a way to reach young people who have a fragile relationship with their doctor, but it raises organizational questions that need a quick answer. “We are not against turning our institutions into vaccine arenas when it comes to building loans and issuing licenses, Bruno Bobkiewicz, of the SNPDEN-UNSA Directors Syndicate, responded. But we don’t do more! ” School leaders have not forgotten the “failed” self-test campaign they had to run in recent months.

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