Lobsters are no longer alive in the fryer

Lobsters are no longer alive in the fryer

Member of Parliament Frank Wassenberg of the Animals Party will soon introduce a motion to ban live cooking of crabs and lobsters in the Netherlands. Scotten is calling for a European ban, although that could take some time. That’s why the outgoing agriculture minister wants our country’s chefs to act as if they’re no longer allowed. She also wants to investigate the most animal-friendly way to kill lobsters and crabs.

Does lobsters hurt?

“I believe the secretary’s position is reasonable,” Flick said in a statement. Birds morning. “As long as you’re not sure if your animals are doing something bad to them and they can suffer from it, I’d say give the animal the benefit of the doubt until you know for sure what’s going on.” According to Flick, it is indisputable that crabs and lobsters “also suffer” from pain if they are thrown into a pot of boiling water. This is mainly due to the fact that this has not been well researched. “Pain is a human thing. This is the definition of an experience that applies to humans. With invertebrates like crabs and lobsters I prefer to talk about bad stimuli.” According to Flik, ​​you should check if these animals have receptors that allow them to perceive pain.

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Flick: “For vertebrates, you now have to follow the law of animal testing. This means that you must stun the animals within three seconds before killing them, or else you will be punished. The idea now is to also include crabs and lobsters under this law.” Flick thinks there are more ways Humanely treat these animals before killing them. For example, you can anesthetize them by “electrocution”. Another method that is actually being used is to freeze crabs and lobsters before putting them in the pan.

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In the Netherlands, an estimated two million lobsters and crabs are boiled alive. This has been banned in Switzerland for several years. Animals must first be anesthetized before they enter the pan. Moreover, it may no longer be transferred into a container with ice water. England recently announced that crabs and lobsters will soon be subject to the Animal Welfare Act. Perhaps this is a disguised ban on cooking animals alive.

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