Livera Opened New Store in Westfield Mall, Netherlands – National Franchise Guide

Livera Opened New Store in Westfield Mall, Netherlands - National Franchise Guide

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Franchise Formula Levera opens a new location in Leidschendamm in Westfield Mall, Netherlands. The store will open on May 15, 2021. The property is being built with a new retail concept. You can find the “Boobietrap Fitting Room” at the store.

Rod Jacobs, director of Levira, says he’s very excited about the new site. “I can’t wait for the store to open. After a tough year due to COVID-19, that’s another great bright spot. We are here for all the women who find it important to wear beautiful and comfortable underwear. Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is a great location that attracts large numbers of visitors.” They are all facing our brand with this new store. It’s a site where you want to be a retailer, so we are proud of our ability to open a beautiful store here. “

Modern shopping concept

The retail building in which the new Livera site will be constructed will be constructed according to a new and modern store concept. “With this new store concept, we basically want to attract a very wide audience. Women of all ages with different sizes and desires. We know that not all women like to experiment with lingerie, but it is very important for women to take their measurements. We welcome all women in our stores. We make sure they feel comfortable.An enthusiastic store assistant helps you find the right brand, size and fit, “says Jacobs.

Correct fit

Livera believes it is important to provide its customers with the right product. In addition to the beautiful product, it must suit the customer well. “We wish every woman in the Netherlands the perfect bra. We are sure that almost all women can succeed with us. Every woman finds fit, comfort and quality most important when purchasing a bra. The bra must fit well first, then be beautiful. A good bra. Do something with your feelings.As a woman, for example, you feel beautiful, strong and self-confident and that you are a woman through and through. And we have the most comfortable and quality bras that can enhance this feeling for a woman. This is why we are communicating this year of pushing levera suits you, fits you In addition to our beautiful range of lingerie, we also have an impressive range of swimwear and nightwear. This year we are showing this collection to all women in the Netherlands with surprise marketing campaigns. We are looking for collaborations with a number of (well-known) influencers, ”says Caroline. Wendrich, Director of Marketing and Communications.

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Levera Bobby Trap Fitting Room

The new site contains a “Boobietrap Installation Room”. This new concept from Levera is the fitting room with a renewed style. Customers can win a prize in the Boobietrap fitting room. That’s why they have to stand on Boobie’s ladders and post a picture on Instagram. They then have a chance to win a gift voucher from Levera.

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