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The number of new infections reported daily across the country remains low from its peak in mid-July, when at one point more than 75,000 cases were reported in a single day. Some places, such as New York City, have seen a sharp and consistent decline in infections since the city was the epicenter of the epidemic in April. But other regions have struggled to prevent the return of cases as students arrive in university cities and some primary and secondary schools have opened their doors.

The infection in Wisconsin appears to be caused in part by young adults, including college students, and tests have been positive in places like Madison and La Croce.

In Boulder County, Colorado, which recorded the second-highest infection rate in the state over the past week on average, five out of six active outbreaks have been linked to University of Colorado Boulder sibling homes, according to the state’s database.

About 87 percent of the record number of cases reported on Friday in La Crosse County, along the Mississippi River, were in people between the ages of 10 and 29, according to La Crosse Tribune. The numbers are driven in part by a rash of infections at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where nearly 250 people tested positive for the virus in the past nine days and where full college student housing was requested elsewhere last week.

Cases have also risen sharply in Utah, which reported more than 1,000 infections on Friday for the first time.

Utah has recently come under fire from school teachers, who this week said the governor and school officials failed to protect them after many schools remained open despite more than 15 positive cases among staff and students, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

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Montana reported more than 250 new cases on Saturday, a record high in one day. More cases were announced in the state over the past week than in any other seven-day period. Even so, the total number of cases per person in Montana remains among the lowest in the country.

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