Live broadcast – European Championship final – Chaos at Wembley as dozens of fans tried to erect barriers after violent clashes before the match

Live broadcast - European Championship final - Chaos at Wembley as dozens of fans tried to erect barriers after violent clashes before the match

20 x 47: Two hours before kick-off, tifosi were already made into their allotted turn, in order to avoid being hit by the violent mission like the three in April, according to April Uitgerust. Volgens cijfers die de UEFA zondag heeft verstrekt, zouden 67,500 toeschouwers deelnemen aan de finale, waaronder 7.500 Italianen, persoonlijkheden als Prins Williams, David Beckham, de legendarische Engelse Jeff Dormus spits.

20 Question 42: Fans were stranded in front of the entrance to Wembley, possibly due to a technical glitch, and some also got into play. At the stadium, according to a journalist from The Telegraph, the handicap area was invaded by fans.

20u23: The company that runs the Wembley complex admitted in a statement that there had been an “incident” that required police intervention, but confirmed that no one “entered the stadium” without a ticket.

20u 08: On Twitter, London Police asked supporters not to come to Wembley if they did not have a ticket because “the area is very crowded”, “we have officers on hand to look after the crowds and ensure the safety of people,” she said. . However, the images below seem to show the opposite:


20u02: Three Italian supporters were protested by the English supporters. A journalist from the Telegraph said on Twitter that dozens of people appeared to have passed through a security cordon trying to reach the stadium without a ticket. In front of Wembley Stadium, the usual stream of people coming out of the tunnel entrance on Sunday has turned into a veritable avalanche of white and red flags. In question: 65,000 people will attend shocking Italy Angelityrre, but also thousands of other fans, who also attended the concert, without tickets to the final, according to France Info.

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7:48 pm: Dozens of fans try to enter Wembley without tickets as the final between England and Italy will be played. In the city, smoke planes caused reactions from the police. It was warmer on the outskirts of Wembley as local fans attempted to cordon off the police at the stadium, either ahead of schedule or without showing tickets.

The London stadium has been increased to 60,000 spectators, but it is clear that due to the health situation there will be many empty seats and the smart kids themselves have told they will try to take advantage of this. According to several witnesses, many fans immediately managed to enter Wembley and then flocked to appear in the stands, facing the completely confused referees.

Then dozens of police cars arrived around the stadium as reinforcements, although it can be difficult to sort people into the stadium two hours after the game.

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