Listen to the latest party in the Summer Carillon Concert Series in St.

Listen to the latest party in the Summer Carillon Concert Series in St.

The summer concert series is called Carillon Concert Series 2022 at City Carillon in Enschede “old” masters It is dominated by the city’s former Carillon teachers: Karel Burgess, Peter Bremer and Frans Hagen. Esther Schopman: “Hence the title. Every summer month, there is interest in one of my ‘old’ teachers.”

During the last concert in the series (on August 7, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.), Peter Bremer (1956) was in the spotlight. Because he can no longer host the parties himself, Schopman plays a number of his own arrangements for the carillon. However, he is a guest as a listener.

For these concerts, St. Jacobuskerk gates its gate every year, so you can listen to the bells in peace with a cup of coffee or tea.

Born in 1956 in Vogt, Peter Bremer took piano lessons at music school since the age of eight, played piano and played piano in various pop groups in the 1970s. He also continued classical piano training with Alexander Hrisanid at the Tilburg Conservatory. After receiving an Atheneum-B diploma, he went on to study musicology in Utrecht. There he came into contact with Anglo-Saxon and Balkan folk music. Master the accordion and immerse yourself in the folk scene. As a street musician, Utrecht encountered Domkarillon. Then he realized that the bell was the perfect instrument for street music and enrolled at the Carillon Dutch School in Amersfoort.

From 1978-1984 Bremer studied playing with Lynne T Hart and Peter Packer after receiving a diploma in performance music. In 1986 he received a master’s degree in musicology from Utrecht University. Since 1989, he has been completely occupied with the Carillon: he is the mayor of Brielle, Columburg, Hastrecht, Hosden, Son en Bruegel, Falkensward, Vut and Zest. From 1997 to 2002 Peter Bremer was a board member of the Dutch Glockenspiel Association. He gave concerts to guests all over Europe and performed several concert tours throughout the United States. He represented his country several times at the International Carillon Conferences and was the Chairman of the Jury at the International Carillon Competitions.

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From 1992 until 2017, he gave lessons in teaching Krillon to students and staff of the University of Twente. Also to our city carillonneur, during her final years of applied education (1992-1993) and when she was affiliated with UT as a college teacher (1999-2001). Esther Schopmann: “Peter was my second mentor. When he took over from Karel Borghuis I had already mastered the gameplay, so I worked with Peter mainly on interpretation. I learned a lot from him. Thanks in part for his guidance, I won twice the second prize in the International Carillon competition” .

On August 7 you can listen to:

six three sixes, A song by the Commodores band American Spirit. It was written by lead singer Lionel Richie after a speech from his father to his mother on their 37th wedding anniversary in which he said, “You are a wonderful woman, a wonderful mother, and a wonderful friend.” Ricci was inspired by this to write a waltz that he dedicated to his wife. It was a huge success: the song reached the top five of the charts in 25 countries. In the Netherlands, the song reached number three on the Top 40 and National Hit Parade.

Georgia on my mind, a song from 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael. The song was written for Georgia Carmichael, Hoagie’s sister, but the lyrics may also be about the state of Georgia. It has been covered over 100 times. The most famous version is the 1960 version of Georgia-born Ray Charles. This song has been the official state anthem of Georgia since 1979.

Windmills of your mind, written by French film composer and musician Michel Legrand for the feature film The Thomas Crown Affair (1968). The subject appears to have come from the Andante of Sinfonia concertante for violin and viola by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (KV 364). Legrand won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for this movie song.

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Sicily From Sonata in E-flat major for flute and harpsichord (BWV 1031) by Johann Sebastian Bach. For a long time it was believed that the sonata was written by his son Carl Philippe Emmanuel, or that it was a joint production of the father and son. Because of a copy of Bach’s personal secretary with Bach’s name, it is still considered the author of J.S. Bach today.

Danube wells (Valurile Dunarii) by Romanian composer Iwan Joseph Ivanovic. This waltz is one of the most famous Roman melodies in the world. The piece consists of a series of Viennese-style variations reminiscent of the music of Johann Strauss. Despite the Viennese touch, you can also clearly hear the Slavic style. Donauwellen was first published in Bucharest in 1880.

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