Lipica 2022: Marathon Hall and Danny lead Hungary to the top of the Danube Cup

October 1, 2022

Weather conditions were excellent today in Lipica, where the 46 participants were treated to a very beautiful marathon, designed by the Hungarian World Championships designer, Gabor Venta. After some rain in the morning, it remained cloudy and dry for the rest of the day. With the good results of Martin Holly and Marcel Danny, Hungary 2 leads the Danube Alp Cup standings behind Austria.

3 * Sections

Swiss Pete Schenk won the marathon. He was closely followed by fellow countryman Bron Widmer. Because of Schenk’s good result, Switzerland’s first team climbed to second place. Bron Widmer’s result put Switzerland’s second team now in third place.

Martin Hölle managed to retain his first place in the singles ranking. Seven points ahead of Austrian David Hoch. Beat Schenk is third, just one point behind Hötsch. So it promises to be an exciting tomorrow!

Vinzenz Dobretsberger won the marathon in the 3* Individual Horse category. He is now at the top, with little difference from Martin Stutzer who is second and third with his horses.

Photo: Krisztina Horvathi

2 * Sections

Kurt Gösler won the individual horse marathon 2*, followed by Franz Feichtinger and Ann-Kathrin Drumm. Drumm is now in the lead with about 16 penalty points less than its competitors.

After winning dressage, Karl Schaeffer was also unbeatable in today’s marathon. The gap between Schaeffer and Gerfried Petretnell has widened dramatically.

Karen Houser won the marathon with Julie Papo and led young unit Joe to second place in the pony singles.

The skill starts Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.

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