Linder Police check after shooting at Al Shallal Street

Linder Police check after shooting at Al Shallal Street

LEADER, Texas (KXAN) – Some Leander residents were alerted to stay inside and closed their doors Wednesday night as police responded to shots fired on Waterfall Street.

The Leander Police Department said it has a large police presence in Building 1300 of Waterfall Street, where a man is believed to be inside a house. The call came at around 9:07 pm

The police said they are trying to contact the man and find out what is happening. Nobody is in custody at this time.

Al-Shallal Street is located off the northern Baghdad road near Hero Road. Police said the warning was sent to a “very wide area”, but only the affected population is those who live near 1,300 Shallal Street.

Police said there were no reports of injuries at this time. Central Texas Regional SWAT Squad in the scene.

A resident, who lives near the Benbrook Ranch neighborhood, shared the email alert that was sent out at around 9:30 PM with KXAN. It reads:

“This is an emergency letter from Leander City. There is a law enforcement event in your area. You are asked to take cover in your residence, close all exterior doors and windows, and turn off all indoor lights. Thank you very much.”

Several law enforcement agencies, including the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, assist Leander Police.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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