Limburg director makes an English movie | 1 Limburg

Limburg director makes an English movie |  1 Limburg

Hailin director Jeron Houben will be directing a new English-language feature film, Torch Song, next year. The musical is about a Dutch pop artist who unexpectedly gains musical inspiration upon his return to the Netherlands.

The film is inspired by the phenomenon of world-famous pop stars to (temporarily) withdraw from the spotlight. Marvin Gaye, who moved from Los Angeles to Ostend in Belgium, is cited as an example.

unexpected angle
In the performance, viewers follow the life of Liz, a formerly successful American pop star who is no longer obsessed with all the attention. When she comes to visit her estranged half-brother in the Netherlands, she suddenly receives new musical inspiration from an unexpected source.

Jeron Hobbin
Torch Song composer, Jeroen Hoppen, is from Helen. He is no stranger to the world of cinema and has previously directed the feature film ‘De Matchmaker’ with Georgina Verban and Benja Bruening in the cast, among others. Houben also wrote the Torch Song himself.

Although the musical will hit the silver screen in the Netherlands next year, funding is not yet complete. Therefore, a fundraising campaign is underway to cover all costs. A contribution can be made via the Voordekunst platform.

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