Left to win ‘one of the most exciting elections ever’ in Denmark

Left to win 'one of the most exciting elections ever' in Denmark


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In Denmark, the center-left bloc led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen appears to retain a majority in Parliament. According to Danish public radio DR, Frederiksen’s Social Democratic Party became the largest party once again, with more than 27 percent of the vote. This is the best result in over twenty years.

So the party is by far the largest in Denmark. The country’s second party, the liberal Finster Party, got more than 13 percent, according to Dr.

According to Dr. The left-wing bloc won 87 seats in parliament. This election appears to have played a major role in voting in the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Together they are entitled to four seats. Three of them are expected to go to the left block.

This brings the left-wing bloc to 90 seats, enough for a majority.

wide alliance

The Danish broadcaster spoke of “one of the most exciting election results” ever. Earlier in the evening, it appeared that Rasmussen’s new moderate party would take a major role, as neither the left nor the right would get a majority. But the majority of the left does not need this major role.

“I am very proud,” Frederiksen told her supporters. “We got the best election result in 20 years.” However, the next day, she would present the resignation of the current government to Queen Margaret. Thus Frederiksen wants to create space for the formation of a broad alliance, which is not often the case in Denmark.

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