LeBron James gets involved, but the NBA still holds enough vaccine skeptics

LeBron James gets involved, but the NBA still holds enough vaccine skeptics

LeBron James: He is vaccinated, but there is no clear position.AFP photo

Anyone who wants to exercise in a gym in the US cities of New York and San Francisco must be vaccinated, or the doors will remain closed. Yes, this policy also applies to the highest-paid professionals, as preparing for the new NBA season proves. The basketball league has an ongoing problem: some players turn down a shot. In New York and San Francisco, it can cost them half the games.

Keri Irving: Not vaccinated at home.  AP . image

Keri Irving: Not vaccinated at home.AP . image

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving disappeared from Barclays Center during the club’s annual media day last week. While fellow stand-ups Kevin Durant and James Harden were interviewed on the field, including by comedian David Letterman, Kerry contacted Irving via a video link. Turns out the 29-year-old playmaker, a third of the Brooklyn trio, is home. not immune.

Ethical objections

Irving, who asked the news report to respect his privacy, said his vaccination status was a personal matter. His aunt told him in the magazine last week rolling rock His aversion to jab. Irving has ethical objections. And he followed up on social media accounts that spread the strangest conspiracy theories about the vaccine. His absence from the Barclays center confirmed suspicions that Irving didn’t have the shot.

Irving has just over a week to change his mind. Brooklyn will play its first home game of the season on October 24. All players in New York must have had at least one vaccination. In the Manhattan area, the New York Knicks competitor proudly reports that all players have now been vaccinated.

Andrew Wiggins: A religious cause.  AFP photo

Andrew Wiggins: A religious cause.AFP photo

The NBA’s desire to comply with the host city guidelines was made clear in the case of Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors, the club from San Francisco. The 26-year-old Canadian, a major water carrier for Stephen Curry, refused the vaccine. Only for religious and medical reasons do cities want to make an exception. Wiggins cited the first reason, but his request was denied.

private search

Irving Wiggins aren’t the only basketball players who have refused the vaccine. Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal repeated the false claim that a vaccine would have little effect on his club’s media day. Jonathan Isaac (Orlando Magic) conducted his “own research”, including the speeches of former President Donald Trump, who was one of the first to be vaccinated.

Irving Wiggins may just have to watch the games at home. Training with teammates is also not allowed. In addition, they are not paid for missed matches. Irving earns $34 million annually, and Wiggins $27 million. It can be a motivation to continue the trend. The pressure of his teammates is likely to be greater. Golden State and especially Brooklyn are contenders for the title this year.

The NBA is upset about this issue. The vaccination obligation was not passed by the competition in negotiations with the players’ union. This applies to coaches, physiotherapists, and equipment guys who approach players.

It’s a small minority that is making themselves more and more vocal in the NBA, where more than 90 percent of players are vaccinated. That’s exactly what we should focus on, Michelle Roberts, president of the players’ union, said. She noted the low vaccination rate in the United States, which is still only 55 percent. “We have to talk about how we as a country can follow the example of the NBA players.”


The potential lack of a star player in the main title candidate continues to be a priority story, as Irving, a member of the Players Association’s Executive Committee, is particularly causing headaches.

The talented Brooklyn playmaker has an outspoken but often incomparable personality. A benefactor, but at the same time someone who once said that he believed that the Earth was flat. It is still not clear if he meant that. When he didn’t want to play for several weeks last season, even his coaches didn’t know why.

He was present at training camp in San Diego last week, but will likely miss his first exhibition game at Barclays Center next Friday.

The NBA held its breath last week at the Los Angeles Lakers media day, because LeBron James had previously dodged questions about his vaccination status. Revealing the face of the competition had already given up, this time. “I was very skeptical, but after doing my research I decided this was best for me and my environment.”

James, who speaks regularly on social issues, said he did not want to take on a leading role. “Everyone decides about their bodies.” The negative attitude of him and his vaccinated colleagues aroused a lot of criticism. “They have failed to take on the responsibility that comes with their fame,” basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told Rolling Stone. “Athletes don’t have to be mouthpieces for the government, but in this case it’s about the health of the population.”

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