Learn about the new Windows 11 features and how to use them

تعرف على ميزات ويندوز 11 الجديدة وكيفية استخدامها

Microsoft recently announced the new Windows 11 operating system, the first major overhaul of the operating system in more than six years, and the new operating system comes with a new design and a set of new features aimed at simplifying the use of your computer and helping you increase your productivity.

According to the Arab Technical News Gateway, below we learn about the most important new or redesigned features in the new operating system and how to use them.

The ability to use Android applications by downloading them from the redesigned Microsoft Store is one of the most important features of the new system.

Although you can access Android applications via a Windows 10 computer in certain cases, the new system is the version that allows users to apply applications directly to computers.

Android apps come from the Amazon App Store. This means that you need to download the Amazon Store app to access the approximately 5,000 apps available in the Store.

You need to download the Amazon Store app, login, and then search for free or paid apps. It is as you would on any other platform.

Android apps are integrated into the start bar of the operating system and also appear across the taskbar with their own windows.

Widgets in Windows 11

The OS version adds widgets to the customizable AI-powered interface, and these widgets show you information like news, weather, calendar overview, to-do list, and recent photos.

In the newly redesigned taskbar, you’ll find a widget button, and when you click it a panel pops up on the left side of your screen.

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This panel shows a series of widgets that give you quick information, and you can expand the panel to be in full screen mode.

Microsoft themes

The Microsoft Teams video calling application is directly integrated into the OS version, making it easy to access for everyday use. And you can use the app to connect with others via any other platform, be it Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.

The icon of the Microsoft Teams application appears in the taskbar, and you can press it directly to launch it and start chatting, and you can also choose whether you want to send a text message, a voice message, or a video call to a contact.

virtual desktop

The operating system allows you to create separate virtual desktops for each part of your use and customize them with different backgrounds, you can create a virtual desktop for personal use, work, school, gaming or anything else.

There isn’t a lot of info yet on how to set up the new virtual desktop in Windows 11, but it looks like you can scroll to the bottom of the screen.

A slide-up window displays the virtual desktops you’ve created, and switches between them with a single click.

Open windows layout

When you work across a group of open windows, the operating system allows you to arrange them in different layouts across the screen and save them in order.

When you open a window you see a button that looks like a square in the top right between the close button and the minimize button, and by clicking on this button you can see the different layout options for that window, and you can select the layout and position in which you want to place that window.

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