Layoffs and talking about a new structure / Villamedia

Layoffs and talking about a new structure / Villamedia

Update The previously announced reorganization of the magazine publisher Hearst Holland led to massive layoffs. On the editorial boards of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Glamor, Harper’s Bazaar, JAN and Vogue, employees were told there was no longer a place for them on the set. In some cases, including at Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and JAN, entire editorial boards have been dismissed. Discussions are underway with employees from other addresses about the new structure of the company.

Sources inside Hearst confirm this to Villamedia. According to them, conversations will take place with more than a third of all employees in the company this week and the next. Conversations are not only with editors, but also with employees in other disciplines, such as marketing and design. After the reorganization, a smaller group of marketers should take all the titles.

It is not yet known exactly how many employees will lose their jobs. Sources indicate that Hearst only wants to work with structure editors and freelancers for quite a few titles. Sources indicate that after the reorganization, the group is expected to have 30 to 35 percent fewer employees. According to them, this is not only due to layoffs, but also due to the sale of titles and the transfer of employees to a new owner.

A spokesperson for Hearst confirmed that talks were ongoing, but declined to comment on the content. It says statements about this will only be made “when implementation is complete”. This is expected over the next week. However, the spokesperson emphasized that the talks are not just about layoffs. “So it’s not like everyone who comes in for an interview gets kicked out.”

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The dismissal was largely due to the titles Hearst relinquished. Hearst’s hiatus was previously announced with Esquire, Designer Vintage, Fiscalert and Hearst Create. Acquisition talks are ongoing for Designer Vintage and FiscAlert. KLM’s publishing activities, which fall under Hearst Create, will continue.

Hearst is also giving up the publishing license for a number of titles, including Vogue, Vogue Living and Glamor. Condé Nast, brand owner of Vogue, Vogue Living and Glamor, is looking for a new publishing partner in the Netherlands for these titles. According to sources, the publisher is depositing the staff with Hearst to those addresses.

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