Latest Supreme Court Orders in Nambi Narayanan ISRO espionage case

New Delhi: On Thursday, the Supreme Court ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to continue its investigation into the case of former ISRO scientist Dr S. Nambi Narayanan. The report submitted by the Jin Commission in this case has been sealed and filed. The report said that the details would not be disclosed.

The Jain Commission on espionage in 1994 submitted its report to the Supreme Court on Thursday. The report was prepared by a three-member panel headed by Judge DK Jain, a retired Supreme Court judge. The commission is investigating the role of the police in the espionage case against Dr. Nambi Narayanan, a former ISRO scientist. However, the Supreme Court earlier ruled that 50,000 rupees should be paid to Narayanan Nambi as he was acquitted in the case.

The central government asked the Supreme Court to consider the Jain Commission report. In response, the Supreme Court said that the commission had identified the conduct and omissions of the responsible officers of the Kerala State Police Department. The Supreme Court directed the Central Bank of Iraq to consider the report as a preliminary investigation report and to continue further investigation. It ordered another investigation report to be submitted within three months. The report refers to a “critical issue” that needs to be addressed. The report states that there are many situations and events. These must be carefully investigated. The report identified the police officers responsible for the arrest of Nambi Narayanan.

Nambi Narayanan’s response

Speaking to the media, Nambi Narayanan welcomed the CBI investigation. He said there has been progress in achieving CBI. He said there is no need to complain about this. He said that he was not aware of the contents of the committee’s report and therefore would not comment on anything. Given the report’s seal and the Central Bank of Iraq directing for further investigation, it appears that there is something important in this report. Someone said it was a fictional case. (He allegedly cornered himself in an espionage case.) He confirmed that his confession was obtained under torture, and that his confession was obtained under torture.

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What is the case?

In 1994, the ISRO spy case made headlines. The crux of the case is that some classified documents related to the Indian space program have been transferred abroad. Kerala State Police has released the names of two scientists, two women from the Maldives, and two others accused in the case. A scientist, Dr. Nambi Narayanan, was arrested in November 1994. A CBI investigation revealed that he was being arrested illegally. The CBI said that top officials of the Kerala State Police Department were responsible for his unlawful arrest.

On 14th September 2018, Supreme Court ruled that Kerala state government should pay 50,000 rupees as compensation to Dr. Nambi Narayanan. The Supreme Court formed a committee of three members headed by retired judge Dr. K. Jane.

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