Latest prediction: A Chinese missile fell on Sunday morning …

Laatste voorspelling: Chinese raket stort zondagochtend neer in de buurt van Australië

A large portion of the Long March 5B missile, which is expected to crash to the ground this weekend, appears to be landing near Australia.

Weighing 20 tons, the launch vehicle is one of the largest without a rudder in decades to make a comeback in our atmosphere. A Chinese space agency plane was launched last week to send a new space station unit to be built, but it has gone floating after the connection was lost.

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The missile is expected to crash on the ground uncontrollably this weekend. It remains unclear exactly when and where this will happen. According to the latest forecast from the US space agency The Aerospace Corportation, this will happen around 6 AM on Sunday. According to the current course, the missile could crash in eastern Australia, near the North Island of New Zealand.

These predictions are very unreliable, so it is not certain that they will happen at that exact hour and in that place.

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