Latest news from the world of auto racing

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And now to the racing news.

New mode of operation of the DRS in Formula 1

Since 2011, when Formula 1 allowed movable rear wings to facilitate overtaking, the rules for their use have remained the same. The driver could use DRS if the competitor in front of him was less than a second behind him, and he started or restarted behind the safety vehicle, it was possible to activate the plane after two full circles.

At the meeting of the F1 Commission in Abu Dhabi, it was decided to use an experimental format for the 2023 sprint races.

In each of them, DRS will be available to riders not from the third, but from the second lap following a start or restart. All other conditions will remain the same.

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If the experiment is successful, this approach may be extended to Sunday races from 2024.

Tire wear is higher in Abu Dhabi

The distance of the race in Abu Dhabi can be covered with one pit stop – this strategy was very popular before, but on Friday it turned out that tires wear out faster this year.

Simone Berra, Pirelli’s chief engineer, said that the track improved during the race on Friday and this led to better results. In the evening the temperature of the asphalt dropped.

However, the team noticed a big degradation of the lineups compared to previous years. If in previous years there was one pit stop, then this year there will be two.

Information about signing a contract with Riccardo

Sports consultant “Red Bull” Helmut Marko denied the information about the signing of a contract with Daniel Ricciardo.

Marco said that his words were not correct. He said that “if they take Riccardo as the third pilot.” And the word “if” is lost somewhere. The discussion is still going on, nothing has been decided yet.

Previously, respected journalist Toby Gruner suggested that Ricciardo would only be involved in various marketing activities.

When this season is over, Daniel will leave McLaren.

Red Bull Scandal

The last stage of not the brightest season contains surprisingly a lot of intrigue.

Individual and team championships, numerous wins and podiums, new records – Red Bull had a perfect 2022 from a statistical point of view. Nevertheless, within the team, as shown by the last “Grand Prix of Brazil”, there is a real discord. Max Verstappen once again showed his tough character, disobeying command orders to let his teammate Sergio Perez pass at Interlagos.

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However, Max’s trick led to serious reputational consequences for the entire team. Verstappen did not confirm, but did not deny that by his action he took revenge on Peres for the incident in Monaco. Recall that then the Mexican got into a suspicious accident on Saturday, which helped him qualify above Verstappen and win the race.

Before the last race of the season, the management and pilots of the bulls assured that the scandal would fade in Abu Dhabi. Max promised to help Perez in the battle for second place in the championship, but the most ironic thing in this story is that Verstappen’s help this time will not be useful to Cheko. The Mexican is tied on points with Charles Leclerc, meaning that Perez must finish ahead of Monegasque to win. Even if Verstappen concedes his position to Sergio or defends harder than usual against Charles, the situation will not change much for Perez, since the Mexican must rely only on himself. Who in the end will take, as it turned out, the important title of vice-champion this year?

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