Lamenting the early departure of troops to Afghanistan | The interior

Lamenting the early departure of troops to Afghanistan |  The interior

Bielefeld says the early departure had a purely practical reason. The soldiers were originally supposed to leave on Thursday, but their flight was canceled because no express flight permit was issued before that date “at the last minute,” Bielefeld wrote on Wednesday evening. There were no other flights available to allow the army to reach Afghanistan on time. That is why they diverted the itinerary of the American flight that departed on Wednesday night.

The letter angered many MPs. On Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Katy Perry, of the PvdA, submitted a request for Haddad due to the chaotic situation surrounding the trip to Afghanistan, and the majority of the House of Representatives was supported. Not supported by VVD and CDA. The grief movement is symbolically meant to express disappointment, and as such has no practical consequences.

The House complaint has no consequences for the additional effort on the NATO mission. From an official point of view, a minister does not need approval or permission from the House of Representatives. However, the board must be informed in advance.

Bielefeld and Secretary of State Steve Block both expressed regret over the situation Thursday morning, but said there was no alternative to getting the troops to the mission area around Mazar-i-Sharif on time. “It’s just an emergency, however embarrassing it is,” Bielefeld told lawmakers. She confirmed that the escape of the soldiers took place after the message was sent to the room. Technically speaking, this has been reported to the Board in advance.

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