Kylie McKeown Olympic 100m Backstroke, Kira Toussaint 7th | sports

Kylie McKeown Olympic 100m Backstroke, Kira Toussaint 7th |  sports

Toussaint, who specializes in the 50-meter sprint, had not previously been a favorite for medals. The Dutch qualified seventh in the final, which was already a huge achievement for her. To really compete for a medal, she had to swim a lot faster than she did before.

The start was excellent from Toussaint, but at the turning point, the candidates were on top. McKeown has proven to be the strongest by far. The Australian was a quarter of a second faster than Kylie Maas (Canada) and Reagan Smith (US). For Toussaint, seventh place was the most that could be achieved, although she didn’t come close to her own Dutch record.

“It was just my first singles final at a world level at 100 fullbacks. It’s training and training and training to get a lot of content in that second 50m,” Toussaint said afterwards. “Five years ago, I won a bronze medal in Rio with a score of 58.8, And now you had to swim 58.0. The level has increased significantly. “I’m going faster, but so is the rest of the world,” said Toussaint, who sees plenty of room for improvement.

Watch the full TeamNL program here on Tuesday, July 27

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