Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs thinks Trump getting Covid-19 is showing the world ‘it’s real’


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Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber is right Now Concern about COVID-19.

Schwarber was not alarmed when archery coach Tommy Hotove was placed in quarantine for 30 days and coach Mike Napoli was absent all July due to a positive test.

Those moments didn’t count, or they weren’t FactBecause these are just baseball players and they don’t live in the White House.

Now that President Donald Trump and the first lady have tested positive, Schwarber’s fear of the virus has increased, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Positive tests for COVID-19 by President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have reinforced Chicago player Kyle Schwarber’s fears of the virus.

“To see the president and first lady, you think that’s not possible, just because he’s the president and first lady,” Schwarber said on Friday during a conference call. “They’re supposed to be people who are likely to be the safest people in the United States, and they understand that. It’s showing the world that it’s real.”

Yeah. Trump is clearly the “safest”. (I think you mean “safest” mustache).

The man who refuses to wear a mask, continues to shake hands, and still swears that the virus will one day be gone – even after a million briefers told him otherwise – people think That young man It will be safe.

When asked about safety protocols, Schwarber leans toward “safety.”

Ross put his faith in MLB’s plans to allow a limited number of fans to attend the League and World Championships in Houston and Arlington, Texas.

“We definitely miss the fans,” Ross said. “Major League Baseball has gone almost above and beyond to keep everyone safe and to make sure everyone follows protocol.

“The list of things we have to go through is very long and invasive, so I have great confidence that if they allow the fans to return, they will do so with a lot of safety precautions.”

Schwarber was more accurate in his comments.

“It’s up to them,” Schwarber said. I am not a politician or someone who wants to make these types of decisions. If it were me, I would tend to be safe more than anything. I’m glad I didn’t make those calls. “

I’ll give Schwarber the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant to say that now that the president and first lady have contracted the virus, no one should consider themselves safe or immune to contracting the virus.

The important result of the president and first lady being infected with the virus is that the virus gives you nothing of you or your job.

Schwarber’s opinion is by far the stupidest opinion of sportsman of the day as that honor goes to Reggie Bush who thinks Trump is fake.

[via Chicago Tribune]


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