Kuthoer Released With Katja Herbers in Great Britain | right Now

Kuthoer Released With Katja Herbers in Great Britain |  right Now

Dutch absurd horror film De Couthaur Starring Katia Herbers will soon be seen in Great Britain and Ireland. The film was purchased by distributor Vertigo Releasing and will be released in British and Irish cinemas from mid-March.

The movie is a hit overseas in 2020. Black comedy is also bought in the United States, Canada, Spain, and Australia. The film was previously released in South Korea.

De Couthaur The most eye-catching title in an NPO phone series last year was about a columnist (Herbers) taking revenge on the trolls who scold her online. Director Ivo VanArt and screenwriter Daan Windhorst came up with the idea for the movie when they read about the impact of insults on social media.

“The international success shows that the current issue of trolling on social media is a global problem,” said Producer Sabine Brian.

De Couthaur It has also been presented in festivals in Germany, Canada, Romania, Norway, and the United States, among others. The Dutch film won the Audience Award at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal. In the Netherlands, the movie can be watched via NPO Start.

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