Kobo’s $99.99 Nia is its new entry-stage e-reader

Kobo’s $99.99 Nia is its new entry-level e-reader

Kobo is introducing a new entry-stage e-reader to its lineup, the $99.99 Nia, which slots in beneath the $119.99 Clara Hd product (which is sticking about). When equally models have a 6-inch display, the Nia’s $20 financial savings occur with a little bit worse specs in a several locations in comparison to its slightly pricier sibling.

Specially, the Nia has a somewhat decrease-resolution display screen (212 ppi, compared to 300 ppi on the Clara Hd), a standard backlight (vs . the Clara HD’s color temperature-changing selections), and weighs 8 grams (about a quarter of an ounce) heavier. The Clara Hd also has a painted finish, when the Nia does not.

Image: Kobo

But the comparison to Kobo’s very own merchandise is less essential than how the Nia matches up against Amazon’s Kindle lineup. And while the $99.99 Nia fees $10 a lot more than Amazon’s $89.99 entry-amount Kindle, it does offer you a superior bang for your buck. The base Kindle nevertheless has an regrettably small-resolution display screen (at 147 ppi) and provides just 50 percent the storage of the Nia (which has 8GB of onboard memory, as opposed to 4GB on the 2019 Kindle).

It’s a tougher alternative in contrast to Amazon’s most up-to-date Paperwhite design, although, which matches the Nia on storage, has an even far better 300 ppi display, and provides IPX8 waterproofing. At $129.99, it’s markedly far more high-priced than either the Nia or the Clara Hd, but it can regularly be found on sale for as small as $84.99, which would make the choice a bit more challenging.

The Kobo Nia will be obtainable on July 21st, with preorders starting up these days.

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